Mary Kay Lip Gloss BOGO

Buy one for $15, get one free

Colors shown with what seasons could wear them.

First column:

Au Naturel – SA, DA

Berry Dazzle – DW, TW, TSu

Fancy Nancy – BSp, TSp, LSu, SA, TA, DA

Mango Tango –BW, BSp, Tsp,

Pink Parfait – SSu

Pink Sateen – SSu, SA

Second column:

Red Passion – SW, SSu

Rich Spice – TA, DA

Rock ‘N’ Red – TW, BW, BSp, TSp

Shock Tart – TW, BW, BSp, LSp

Sparkle Berry – DW, TW, LSu, TSu, SSu

Sun Blossoms – TSp, LSp, LSu, SA, TA, DA

Contact me if you have questions or are interested in purchasing. Thx

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