Sci Art Certified

As a young girl, I loved opening a new box of 64 Crayola crayons. The first ones out of the box were Midnight Blue and Magenta. In my late teens when I started wearing some cosmetics, going into a Merle Norman store was amazing…all those colors to choose from.

Looking back, I now see the progression of events that brought me to where I am today.

In 1983, I had my colors done by Color Me Beautiful.  What Season my best friend and I thought I was – I wasn’t. I then became very curious about the color differences in the 4 seasons and purchased the swatchbooks for the other 3 seasons to study.

My love for working with makeup, lead me to join Mary Kay Cosmetics as a beauty consultant in 1993. During the next two years, I gained confidence in myself and honed my cosmetic application skills. I was then ready for the next obvious step and studied with Color Me a Season and became an analyst. Color analysis and cosmetics went hand-in-hand. I had the best of both worlds. I’d found my calling so to speak. Having the color knowledge, I started teaching my sister Mary Kay consultants about color, the differences in foundation colors, and how to achieve a natural look with the glamour products, along with many other workshops.

In 2004, I found Kathryn Kalisz’s  website at Sci\ART™. After reading her book, “Understanding Your Color,” I realized that this was the piece that had been missing in the traditional four-seasonal color analysis approach. I was excited about learning something new. So I attended Sci\ART™’s workshops, and worked with Kathryn during those visits.

While there, she mentioned that she was overwhelmed with creating product and that she needed help teaching. I jumped at the chance and studied with her in 2006 and became her first certified instructor. Below is a cherished picture of Kathryn and me at my training in October, 2006.

I had many happy years doing PCA appointments and teaching. Again, I had the best of both worlds. After Kathryn’s untimely death in 2010, I retired from the color business a year later. But it left a large void in my life as I enjoyed meeting with clients and helping them understand and learn how to use their colors and teaching students the art of color analysis.

Recently, in working with my former student, Christine Scaman of www.12blueprints.com , I have a renewed excitement of the business, and I now realize that I need to be a part of continuing Kathryn’s work and look forward to meeting new clients and teaching new students.