I will be on vacation from Jun 3 to August 7

PCA training is now offered in two states:

– Grand Rapids, MI, from May thru October

– Southern California, San Jacinto/Hemet from November to April


Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Do you like working with color, cosmetics, or fashion? Would you like to help others feel good about themselves? Then becoming a personal color analyst may be for you. Would you believe that in as little as 4 days you can learn the skills you need to be begin this rewarding career? It’s true. And you will be trained in the 12-Tone Personal Color Analysis Method by a certified Sci\ART™ instructor.

I enjoy teaching one student at a time, so you will have exclusive one-on-one training. I arrange to have 5 models for training, plus your own PCA.


I find it important and beneficial if we can Skype to discuss possible training. There are usually many questions or concerns by the student, plus my own questions for the potential student. Emails are fine, but talking gets us through the information so much faster.

If we discuss possible training dates, they are not locked in until the deposit is received.

How is My Training Different?

I train in a logical, systematic way. I’ve developed a PCA Guide, which is a document, exclusive to my students, that helps track our progress during a PCA and allows analysts to decipher trends and analyze choices throughout the draping.

I also developed a ‘What To Test When You Reach A Result’ sheet showing what to cross-check for accuracy.

A question I am often asked is, “Are you a 12 Blueprints analyst?”No, I am a Sci/ART trained analyst trained by Kathryn Kalisz, creator of the SciART system. I did train the founder of 12 Blueprints in 2009.  She then went on to train and create her brand.

4-Day Workshop

Hours:  8:30 am – 5:30 pm (estimated – times sometimes varies).

Approximately 1 hour for lunch. Cost of lunch is not included in the tuition.

Tuition & YND Test Drapes

The combined tuition and YND Test Drapes is $5,300

Tuition also includes: The New Munsell Student by James Long (rental), and a neutral gray 1 Client Cap, 1 Client Headband, 1 Client Cape, 1 Analyst Coat

A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required 4-6 weeks prior to training in the form of a personal check or cashier’s check made out to Terry Wildfong. The balance is to be paid, in cash at the start of the first day of training. If you do not wish to carry cash, I will accept a cashier’s check made payable to: Terry Wildfong.

*Additional class time can be purchased at a negotiated rate.

Your Natural Design Test Drapes

The YND Test Drapes are part of your training package. The drapes are approximately 18″x34″ and are season specific . Each test color was also chosen in relation to the colors it will be tested against from other seasons.

Test Drape Sets Include:

  • Keys
  • Red Tests
  • 4 True Seasons
  • 8 Neutral Seasons

You will be trained using your set of Test Drapes so you can feel comfortable using them once you are home and begin your PCA business.


YND Luxury Drapes:

There are 15 colors per season, including several fashion-neutral colors.

Price: $3,995 plus shipping if not taken at training

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NDU Colors

NDU Colors fans and posters will be used at training. There is a special New Analyst package available to purchase at training. Package includes a set of large fans, 1 set of mini fans, 1 set of mini posters, and 1 set of large posters, as a free gift, 5 each Wallet Color Cards.

Certificate of Completio

To help ensure the business success of my students, this training is a two-part course:

Part 1 is your 4-day training with me.

Part 2 requires photos and narratives sent to me of your first 10 drapings for review and feedback, along with discussion, to ensure you are on the right track. We will discuss the photo requirements at training, along with printed guidelines.

Your Certificate of Completion will be given after your 10 photo reviews. You are not certified until the reviews are complete and you receive your  certificate. 

What you will learn:

  • The science of color – what it is – how we see it – optical effects that are crucial to understand how a PCA works and why
  • Munsell’s 3-Dimensional Color System (Hue, Value, Chroma)
  •  Focus on discerning Chroma.
  • How the 3 dimensions of color are used as the basis for conducting a PCA
  • The progression of the seasons as they appear on the YND Seasonal “Color Clock” using the drapes and swatchbooks
  • The function of each set of test drapes
  • How to evaluate the PCA draping process using the Your Natural Design PCA Guide
  • How to use 12-tone swatchbooks
  • The basics of cosmetic application
  • How to “drape” your client with eye shadows, blush, and lip colors for the best color choices for the reveal
  • How contrast levels can determine cosmetic color choices
  • Many other topics are included.

What you will do:

  • Hands-on exercises to understand both the effects of color and the Munsell color system
  • Practice harmonizing 12-Tone swatchbooks to fabrics, jewelry, and cosmetics
  • Participate in the analysis of up to 6 people of various ages and coloring

What you will receive:

  • Your PCA and a Color Collection for your season
  • Notebook and pen/pencil to take notes during class
  • Handouts for cosmetic application, if desired
  • Laminated copy of the Your Natural Design Seasonal Color ClocK
  • Your Natural Design PCA Guide
  • Your Natural Design Certificate of Completion – This certificate states that you completed the 4-day training course in the 12-Tone method. Let me know how you want your name to appear on your certificate>
  • Invitation to join our elite Facebook Analyst Groups and Client Forums


NOTICE… Michigan is in the Eastern Time Zone

Lodging….All hotels listed are 1-3 miles from training.

I strongly suggest you book your hotel when you send in your deposit to secure a room, as the Grand Rapids area is quite busy.

– Baymont Inn & Suites, 2151 Holton Court, NW, Walker, MI 49544 – (616) 735-9595

– Hampton Inn, 500 Center Drive, Grand Rapids, MI – (616) 647-1000

– SpringHill Suites – North – 450 Center Dr. Nw, Grand Rapids · (616) 785-1600

– Holiday Inn Express, 358 River Ridge Drive, NW, Walker, MI 49544 – (616) 647-4100

– Comfort Inn & Suites, 350 Dodge Rd Ne, Comstock Park · (616) 785-7899

Flights: You will fly into the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, Grand Rapids, MI (GRR) which is about 19 miles from me – mostly expressway – about 20-25 minutes depending on time of day. Most of the time, I will be able to transport you to and from the airport and from your hotel to training, so you don’t need to rent a car.



NOTICE… California is in the Pacific Time Zone

Lodging…All hotels listed are about 8 miles from training.

– Best Western Plus Diamond – 3510 W Florida Ave, Hemet, CA 92545 – (951)658-2281

– Hampton Inn & Suites – 3700 W Florida Ave, Hemet, CA 92545 – (951)929-7373

Flights: Here are the nearest airports and distance from them to training:

Palm Springs – 50 miles
San Diego – 75 miles
Los Angeles – 100 miles

There are shuttle/bus services from airports to where I am or close enough for me to pick you up.

If you fly into and out of Palm Springs, if it isn’t too late or too early, I can pick you up at the airport and transport you to and from training so you don’t need to rent a car.