Christine Scaman., Ontario, Canada
Former Student

“I brought my husband and 3 teenagers to be analyzed over a span of 2 days. Terry treated each person with the same professionalism. What impressed me most was her integrity. Second best was never good enough. She is a perfectionist who wasn’t satisfied with anything less than the most correct result. She showed us how to recognize our best colours in clothes and applied the perfect makeup colours on the women.  Now that I’m home and using our Colour Books, I can see that Terry analyzed all 5 of us exactly. I can honestly say that I have more confidence in my appearance than ever before. And I no longer have to wonder what suits the family when I shop!

Leon P. – MBA – Notre Dame – Dark Winter
“It was an absolute pleasure coming for my color analysis!  Thank you for spending the time to help me figure out telltale signs to look for to figure out if something works well on me.  I’m currently wearing a navy shirt and a blazer that’s between two of my reds, but harmonized with the palate, and am getting a TON of complements.  I started exploring new colors the same day as our color analysis, and now have some electric blues and pinks as well.  I’ve also gotten some new shirts that I can actually wear in the office :-)”
Janet, Tucson, AZ
“My color analysis was more than I had hoped for, and I am enjoying seeing myself in a new light. When I hold the fan against my skin, I see that it is perfect. I have been told many times I “can’t” be a winter and have been analyzed as the wrong season multiple times. Yet my natural choice of colors fits perfectly with Dark Winter, and I feel validated in that. I love the colors, and I look amazing in them. I am totally enjoying the TRUTH of my coloring. Thank you, Terry, for being so kind and positive and professional; you have definitely improved my life!”

Rachel Peters – Grand Rapids, MI – True Winter
“Peace of mind, renewed confidence, a stronger sense of identity: these are the gifts I have taken from my PCA with Terry Wildfong. She is truly a master in her field, and I feel she has taught me to see color in a whole new way. Terry is a delight: she began our session by warming up my eyes and giving me a lesson in sci/art theory. By the end of our session, there was no doubt left in my mind: I am a true winter; no other possibility. If you’re looking for excellence, look no further!”

Sandy G. – Grand Rapids, MI

“An amazing experience.  I’m a believer…worth every penny!”

Pat R., Mary Kay Cosmetics Director – Alaska, MI
“Everyone should have this done.”

Suzanne T. – Jacksonville Beach, FL
“I have great colors I never thought of trying.”

Chrisoph & Heidi S. – Overland Park, KS
“Knowing our colors has totally changed our lives.”

Laura M. – Batavia, IL
“I was told I was an Autumn 20 years ago because my hair is auburn.  Now that I know I’m a True Winter, I look and feel fabulous for the first time 

Maureen C. – Temecula, CA
“I am in love with the True Summer colors and finally feel at home. I can’t wait to have my daughter draped in a few years when she is a little older. Thanks again!”