“What we look for in our instructors is a love of color, of course, but also a love of teaching others. Terry has both, and we are delighted to have her present our training program.”

 – Kathryn Kalisz, CEO, Sci\ART™ Global, LLC

“Terry (is) professional…very knowledgeable and experienced, and set a fine example of the importance of a high level of personal integrity as a color analyst … absolutely a fine teacher in the truest sense of the word.”

– Christine Scaman, 2009 student from Chatham, Ontario, Canada

 “I am truly grateful to have learned the practice of Personal Color Analysis under Terry’s careful eye. One imagines the need to frantically try to soak up all the information possible during a training session, because when it’s over, you’re on your own, right? Not so with Terry. Three days probably doesn’t seem like enough, and it definitely won’t feel like enough when you’re in the trenches with her. But Terry makes herself available to her students well after the training is over and you’re alone. She’s like a fairy godmother of sorts, and because of her compassion and LOVE for teaching, I don’t feel at all alone in my practice.

Terry is lovely and kind and hospitable, but with the straightforwardness that doesn’t always accompany such gentleness. Her concern for my confidence and thoroughness and success has been one of the most wonderful and unexpected gifts in my training. After three days of working together and regular, thoughtful follow-up from her since, I feel I have gained a real friend and mentor in the world of Personal Color Analysis.”

  – Monica Gill, Student from Milwaukee, WI