PCA Appointments are available in two states:

– Grand Rapids, MI, from May thru October-  Eastern Time Zone

– Southern California (San Jacinto) from November to April – Pacific Time Zone

My PCA Career

I have:

  • been involved in color analysis for 40 years
  • seeing clients for 30 years
  • teaching students for 18 years

Your analysis will be:

  • Professional – conducting business with integrity
  • Educational – giving you an introduction to the science of color – how and why color analysis works
  • Interactive – having you participate in evaluating the visual effects during the draping process
  • Informational – helping you understand how to use your color palette
  • Practical –showing you how your palette to make the most of the money you spend on clothing and cosmetics
  • Fun – creating an enjoyable experience

How Long Does a PCA Take?
The session is, on average, about 3 hours.

Do I Have to Remove My Makeup?
Yes. Please arrive at the appointment without makeup if at all possible.

PLEASE NOTE:   No foundation, tinted powders or MOISTURIZERS,Lip Balms, skin serums, sunscreen, or eye liners, brow liners, mascara, lip gloss/balm, etc. Naked face!

Applying moisturizer on the day of your appointment will cause light reflection on the face, which is one of the optical effects we use to do determine which drape is better.

Will a Tan Affect My Result?

Yes, it can. It is best to keep your face out of the sun for a month prior to your PCA. Using sunscreen won’t keep the skin from tanning, so no sun is optimal.

Can I Wear My Glasses or Contact Lenses?

Glasses are usually removed; however, we can work around them if necessary.

Contacts are fine if they are clear. If you have tinted lenses, let me know, as we use eye color effects during the analysis. These should be removed if possible.

What About Videos?

I don’t allow video taping at the consultation.

Do You Take Photos?

Sometimes. Your photos will not be shared on public media without your consent. I may take “before” and “after” photos. The “after” photo will be taken in your seasonal cosmetics and drapes.

Can I Take Photos?

Yes, you can. However, if you wish to text or put them on social media, please do this after your appointment.

Can I Bring My Children to the Appointment?

Let me know if you need to bring children so we can discuss if it would be workable. This time is for you, so make the most of it.

Can I Bring a Pet or Support Animal?

Due to my having allergy asthma, animals of any kind are not permitted.

What Does the Analysis Consist of?

  • I start with a mini Science 101 informational introduction to color and its visual effects, which is the premise on which color analysis is performed.
  • You will be seated comfortably in front of a mirror with me standing behind you in order for both of us to be able to observe the visual effects of each color.
  • A series over 40 test drapes will be placed across your chest under your chin to determine your color tone.
  • The Your Natural Design’s exclusively created PCA Guide will be used to record the drape choices throughout the analysis, plus notes, to help ensure the best result.
  • For women, once the analysis is complete and your personal color tone is determined, you will receive a cosmetic makeover in colors that coordinate with your personal coloring.
  • We will then go back to the mirror, and you will be draped with a luxury set of drapes in your color tone so you can see yourself in your most flattering colors and discuss color combinations.  I call this the “Oooh – Ahh Session.” The effects are stunning!

What Will I Receive?

  • A Color Fan containing 78 of your very best colors. You can choose either a large or mini fan. I will show you how to “harmonize” your palette to find the hundreds of colors in your seasonal range that may not be on the actual color fan.
  •  If you wish to purchase additional color fans, you can do so for $80 each.
  • Body Image Analysis – I will direct you to colleagues who offer this if you are interested.
  • Once you have the right palette, cosmetics, clothing styles, and hair colors, your image will be complete.

PCA Fee:  $325

– Appointments are to be paid for in CASH . Please bring cash or personal checks with you in case you make other purchases at your appointment.

Color Collections

A Color collection is a pouch with 20 of your seasonal colors in larger fabric pieces. These are $45.

What Do I Bring?

  1. You may bring up to 5 pieces of clothing such as shirts, blouses, etc., and up to 10 cosmetic items at no charge to find out if they are among your best colors during the appointment.  Note: I will be happy to go through more than the 15 items listed above at a price of $75 per each 30 additional minutes, with a 30-minute minimum charge.
  2. Bring a friend or family member to share your PCA experience. Let me know if you are bringing a guest, and I will give them neutral gray coat to wear to be able to observe the analysis.

What Should I Wear?

If you will be getting the cosmetic makeover, it might be a good idea to wear something somewhat neutral; i.e., navy, white, off-white, gray, black. Your cosmetic colors will be based on your seasonal palette. So, if you were to wear an orange shirt and we find you are a True Winter, which is cool, your makeup colors would be in the plums or reds, which would definitely clash with the orange. Wearing a more neutral-type clothing color will allow for warm, cool, or neutral cosmetic colors to look presentable.

My studio can be cool or warm, depending on time of year. So dress in layers and bring a sweater or jacket and foot coverings if desired.


A question I am often asked is, “Are you a 12 Blueprints analyst?”

No, I am a Sci/ART trained analyst trained by Kathryn Kalisz, creator of the SciART system. I did train the founder of 12 Blueprints in 2009.  She then went on to train and create her brand.