Introducing a New Analyst in Southern California

I am happy to introduce Lynette Allen. She has a passion for helping women, a great personality that is needed to work with clients, and is detail oriented. Lynette’s ability to read the drape comparisons and her color acquity are excellent. Here is her story…….

“I blame my sister.

You see, she stays up late at night and browses the internet. I often wake to my inbox being full of interesting things she has shared with me. One time she stumbled upon an energy profiling website in 2012. We spent months absorbed and sharing notes as to where we fit into that system. It was quite interesting at the time.

Yet I never really felt it was 100% accurate, as the colors this system recommended felt off. I joined several Facebook groups where I met lots of lovely women who were discussing this system and color analysis as well. At some point, I even started a group myself. Over the years with my involvement in those groups, I found a lot of women were having the same dilemma with the colors they were “supposed to” wear. Some hated the colors, some felt they looked ill, some even talked about their own color journey and how their color analysis helped. At some point, I decided if I got analyzed myself, I would know where I fit energetically. I was fooling myself, but it did take me down a road I don’t regret with color analysis.

I ended up not just getting one online analysis, but many.  I have been everything from Soft Summer to Light Spring and everything in between. I spent a lot of money. A lot. I was draped in person a few times too, but I walked away from those experiences confused and unsure. What I was told didn’t take me through the process. I wanted to know all the “whys” with certainty in my mind. I couldn’t fully embrace the results. It didn’t help when I was trying a palette out and I saw my daughter who exclaimed in horror, “Mom! What are you thinking?” She didn’t like my hot pink pants I guess. Truth be told, I didn’t really like it either. Something still felt off.

Doubts flooded my mind. It didn’t make sense. I was no longer confident in what clothing items I was picking intuitively for myself. What if I really couldn’t see myself clearly?  I took these concerns to my group on Facebook. Most of the women had the same problems and concerns. That was pretty depressing. I like to fix things. I am a helper. I want everyone happy and at peace. Something had to make sense and click.

One of my friends had mentioned she was draped by Terry Jo Wildfong with Your Natural Design PCA. She had no regrets whatsoever and everything came to light for her. She was a Light Summer, but to me she didn’t look like a stereotypical Light Summer – blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She had dark hair and bright blue eyes. She explained it was how her skin looked in the colors; and I couldn’t argue, as she did look great. She mentioned how Terry had pointed out what she was seeing with her coloring. The fog cleared and all doubts left her mind. That. That is what I wanted. That is what I wanted for everyone.

So being the detective I am, I looked into Terry’s draping methods using Sci/Art; and I liked what I saw. It made sense.  I really wanted to be draped by her.  There was only one problem. She was in Michigan and I was in California. I looked for other analysts in my area using Sci/Art. It seemed analysts in Southern California were pretty much non-existent. From the talk in the Facebook groups, I knew it was a service that was wanted, but the availability was lacking. That is when I noticed Terry was doing training in Southern California during the Winter months.

At that point, a light bulb turned on in my head. I lived an hour away. Not to mention my full-time job’s hours were reduced due to the pandemic, so I had extra time to do this. It was like I had hit the jackpot. I discussed the possibility of doing this myself with my husband and many of my friends. They are saints for listening to me ramble on for months. One of my friends even told me that I would regret it, if I didn’t take this opportunity. It had become a passion. The decision was made.

Two months later I was the one doing the drapings, under Terry’s watchful eye. Her wealth of knowledge inspired me. I felt honored to learn from her. I will admit I was nervous, as I am not one who likes to get things wrong. However, the only way you can learn is to make mistakes and then figure out how to fix them. That is exactly what we did with my training. I left feeling confident and excited to start my new journey.

With Terry’s help, we determined I was a True Summer. Oh. My. Gosh. I have always loved those colors and I wore them a ton when I was younger. It was like the heavens parted and a light enveloped me. I saw for myself what exactly the colors of the drapes were doing and why. I saw the good and the bad. My questions were all answered. That right there is what I want for everyone. I want you to know without a doubt.

Color analysis for me has been quite the journey. I think we all get to this point in different ways, yet the underlying commonality is our love of color and our desire to help others. I want to see you bloom when you walk out of my studio, without any of the same doubts that plagued me in my journey. I am beyond ecstatic to help you determine the season of you and have the knowledge that you are your own unique flower.

I live with my husband and my English Bulldog Meatball. I have three children and one grandchild. With over twenty years in the finish construction industry and as a partner with my firm, I have an eye for details and aesthetics. My studio is located in my home in Fontana, California.”


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