PCA Training AND New Test Drapes

If you have been thinking about becoming a color analyst, I am happy to announce that Your Natural Design (YND) is now offering Training AND the new YND Test Drapes.

The 4-day training is offered in both Southern California (November – April) and West Michigan (May – October). The YND Test Drapes is now part of the training package.

The YND test drapes include: Keys, Red Tests, 4 True Seasons, 8 Neutral Seasons. The drapes measure approximately 18″x36″ and are season specific. Each test color was also chosen in relation to the colors it will be tested against from other seasons.

The cost of the Training + the YND Test Drapes is $5,000.

For a limited time, I am offering this package for $4,500.Since drapes will be purchased with the training, you will be trained with your set of drapes so you can feel comfortable using them once you are home and begin your PCA business.

You can find out more information about training by clicking the PCA Training Course tab above or click here https://yournaturaldesign.com/pca-training-course/

Please contact me if you have any questions or want to Skype about possible training.

Colorfully yours,


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