The Spring Minimalist

If you are interested in trying the minimalist approach to cosmetics, below are some color choice ideas for each Spring season to get you started.

Remember the easy formula = 3-3-3

3 Eyeshadows, 3 Blushes, 3 Lip Colors

I am showing nine eyeshadows to give you an idea of choices you have to pick the three shades you desire along with samples of lip and blush choices. No matter what eyeshadow choices you make, any of the lip colors, whether warm to cool, will work with them as they are in your palette. Of course, we all need or prefer different colors from our palette, so this is just a place to start.

Note: Colors not Mary Kay or 12B were chosen based on how they looked on my screen. They may not be correct in real life.

Best 3 colors are BSp versions of Hot Pink – Orange-Red – Coral
Best 3 colors are TSp versions of Coral – Poppy – Spicy Peach
Best 3 colors are LSp versions of Warm Pink – Apricot – Peachy Orange

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