Two Groups – One Umbrella

There has been some confusion about 12 Blueprints and Your Natural Design and how they are related.

I trained Christine Scaman of 12 Blueprints to be an analyst  in 2009 just prior to the loss of Kathryn Kalisz, founder of Sci\ART. In 2012, Christine and I reconnected and worked together to get the 12 Blueprints drapes ready as she wanted to train students with a curriculum she created based on her view of PCA.

Christine’s students are 12 Blueprints Analysts.

Since I am a SciART trained analyst/instructor, and the Sci\ART company no longer exists, my students are Your Natural Design Analysts.

Because 12B and YND share the Sci\ART method of PCA, with some differences in process and how we interpret reading the drapes, we now have the 12B and YND analysts under the umbrella of Chrysalis Colour, powered by 12 Blueprints. This umbrella allows clients to explore all things PCA and what analysts are around the globe who can provide this service.

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